Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SEM 1 09/10 kiem's 2nd year.


akem is officially a senior now!


1 june 2009.the beginning of cfsiium 1st sem 09/10.

after the short-sem break(2weeks je) we finally continue wif our usual doings.
lecturesssssssss and more lecturessssss.

be upset not!as this is my final sem at cfsiium,pj!.with god's will,amin~.

r e s u l t

i only took math II on short sem because i failed it on my 2nd sem.

i thought i would fail again because im veryyy sucks at math.

haha,came to my relieved when i got B for it.which means i PASS!

hello final sem!.

im hoping i will pas my final sem and graduate with an average cgpa.

then ill be transfer to main campus in GOMBAK(homtaun)^^.

during short sem's break...


nothing much kowt.

spent times with keluarga,n sahabat2,n NURA ADILA^^.

futsal after futsal n futsal.

passionate about it eventhough i suck in futsal,n i dun even know y im so passionate about it!

i went to genting with dyla,explore the so-called theme park up there.

sgt exhausted,tdoooo je la saye mlm tuwh kat first world.

but seriously,thanks dyla^^,i had a great moment.

oh ya,
halfway already!

ill have to wait for the JPJ test and then ill be owning LESENS!

sem 1 09/10

classes are already commencing since yesterday.

in fact,my class starts in about 20minutes.

so,that's all.

later lak!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Driving License

believe it or not im goin to turn 19 this october but still,NO DRIVING LICENSE.

yah,i know.
suck right?
haha,ive registered for classes both driving n motorcycling.
the so-called KPP that is very very damn bored has been left behind.yup.check.done it.

y'all know,my dad said to me n my adik;"ayah bg abg n adek smpi 31 july jek,kalu xdpt gak both license,korang byr sendiri".i was like,whoa,he's fucking serious la adek.

im sitting for computer test this sunday.haha.
ive done it before when i was 16.yeah.i passed it.n im goin to sit for it again for the second time .

no worries,ill get both my license before the due date my ayah gave.

ill be driving n riding legally then.

but till then,sorry polis,jpj,n whatsoeva,catch me if u guys can.ahax.

that is all.jaani!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

rainy sunday evening~


it's sunday.

n im fucking bored here..

my assignment is calling for me to finish it up,yet,i didnt answer the call.


to some people "malas" is a strong word,it means ure one lazy big fuckin ass.
but to most people,"malas" is their middle name.

haisy. im telling this to all of u people,including me.

change already,
move your big ass,
be productive,
we,malaysian,are way too far from them the european n the american.i mean,the technologies,n so on..

yup,we do hav the japanese,leader in technologies in asia i would say,but,cmon people,show the world we are good or maybe better.Japan wasnt a country that was originally developed.they have been in what i called,the atom days,Japan has been bombed and the radioactives from the bomb have badly injured their country.but yet,the japanese are strong enaf to keep developing days to days.we should follow their track.we can do what they can do mayb better.

that's it i guess.


i mean it,SHIFT!.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

pergh.first tyme using blog.

this blog thingey seems quite popular among today's people.
i would like to post my first blog.
is it interesting to post blogs?.
im not quite sure.
i would love to give it a try^^.
not much to say in my first posting.
cant sleep.
10 minutes bfr the clocks struck 3am.
oh ya.
im akem
im 18..read my profile lah!.
that's all.
wait for more yah^^.